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About Victorinox Swiss Army

Following the death of his mother, Karl Elsener introduces the brand name Victoria in her honor. The iconic Cross and Shield emblem is registered as a trademark

Karl Elsener coins the company's name, Victorinox, by combining his mother's name with "inox", an abbreviation of the French word for rust-resistant steel, "inoxydable".

The "Original Swiss Army Knife" begins its successful progression around the world and enjoys exceptional popularity.

The previous solely owned "Messerfabrik Karl Elsener" company is transformed into the family-owned company,
Victorinox AG" on January 2nd.

Victorinox enters the timepiece business in the United States under the brand name Swiss Army.

Victorinox partners with the American TRG Group in St. Louis and enters into the international travel gear market.

Victorinox launches a fashion line in the US with a collection that delivers technical and tailored styling capturing the brand's essence of practical luxury.

Victorinox sets up Victorinox Swiss Army Fragrance AG, and in 2009 Victorinox Swiss Unlimited was launched.

While we treasure our heritage, the future is equally inspiring. Innovation is at the heart of each Victorinox product we introduce, with exciting technical advancement throughout all our product categories.

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